FIVE Jumeirah Village

FIVE Jumeirah Village
TypeCommercial, Hotel
Architect Firmunavailable
Total Floor60
Architectural Height280 m (918 ft)
Number of Rooms247
AddressDistrict 14, Street 1, Jumeirah Village Circle,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Construction startedunavailable
SuccessorMillennium Plaza Dubai
PredecessorRadisson Royal Dubai
Owner & ManagementFIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai 
Contact+971 4 455 9999


FIVE Jumeirah Village is a different hotel that captures the glamour of new Dubai. Experience a chic penthouse lifestyle with 260 pools and Jacuzzis, vast lush green terraces, and a culinary and party scene like no other. It is located at District 14, Street 1, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

More About FIVE Jumeirah Village

  • Located a short drive from Dubai’s new Al Maktoum International Airport and Expo 2020 site, the stunning design of the property, developed in-house by FIVE, has been registered as a trademark by the company in 168 countries.
  • The mastermind behind this one-of-a-kind design is the CEO of FIVE Real Estate Development, Nabil Akiki. Mr. Akiki created a rotating design that features advanced architecture to maximize natural daylight and create spaces that simultaneously conserve energy.
  • Each apartment provides residents with a penthouse lifestyle, which means you have three fully open, window sides.
  • They have used double glassed windows and created shades facing from the lush terraces to naturally balance the temperature exchange.
  • The concept of integrated lush terrace apartments allows you to gain seven-times more green living compared to the land you have lost for the construction. It’s a contribution to ecology and green community concepts with a focus on sustainable lifestyle and LEED regulations.


Tallest BuildingRank
Tallest Hotel in the World14th
Tallest Hotel in the United Arab Emirates08th
Tallest Skyscraper in the United Arab Emirates32th


  • FIVE’s second hospitality and residential project, FIVE Jumeirah Village Dubai, offers a luxury tower with 247 hotel rooms and suites, 221 one and two-bedroom hotel apartments, and 33 four-bedroom hotel apartments, all with private pools or Jacuzzi’s.
  • The open space architecture allows sunlight to shine through the core of the 60-story tower while a vertical micro-climate with over half a million sq. ft. of plant life helps to naturally maintain the temperature.
  • Each apartment benefits from a dramatic 200- degree view of Dubai and offers an astounding 156 pools and 134 Jacuzzi’s.
  • This pioneering design features three revolving wings on each floor, which rotate continuously through the building. The roof becomes the garden of the upper apartment. The revolving void creates a natural cooling system, decreasing the temperature by 2-3 degrees compared to conventional building approaches.
  • The five-star resort also includes a main pool, Soul Street, a gourmet street food restaurant, quirky gourmet dining at Turn Up Restaurant, ReFIVE urban spa, and a state-of-the-art InstaBody gym.

How to Reach FIVE Jumeirah Village

  • FIVE Jumeirah Village is a 10-minute drive from ”Dubai Internet City Metro Station 2” by cab or personal drive.
  • FIVE Jumeirah Village is a 10-minute drive from ”Dubai Miracle Garden” by cab or personal drive.


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