Joe HaTab Biography

Joe HaTab Biography
Real NameJehad Hattab
Born18 March 1990
Height5′ 9” or 175cm
University Unknown
ParentsName Unknown
SiblingTwo Brother, Three Sister
OccupationYoutuber, Filmmaker
Year Active2012 – Present

Joe HaTab is a Documentary Filmmaker, Storyteller and YouTuber. He is best known for his high-quality cinematic filmmaking video and creative travel-based, emotive and compelling storytelling videos. Joe has also been noted as the Richest YouTube Star positioned among the list of the Most Popular YouTube stars. He has 10 million subscribers on his Youtube channel and over 3.0 million on his Instagram account.

Early Life

  • Joe was born in Jordan and raised in Saudi Arabia along with his two brothers and three sisters.
  • Joe finished school in 2007 and graduated in Accountancy in 2012 at a university in Jordan.
  • After that, he did a job at a Saudi firm until he quit his job in June 2016.
  • He felt another calling and started noticing a gap and rising demand for storytelling videos in the Arab market.
  • After quitting his job, Joe travelled around Asia backpacking on a one-way trip with his work savings.
  • Joe travelled on a budget sleeping in hostels all while creating short vlogs.
  • In his three years, Joe was able to create a small income and was sponsored by a tourism board.
  • It took Joe five dedicated years of commitment to build his channel and work his way up, inspired by his passion and enthusiasm for travelling.


  • In 2016, he started his YouTube with his first video being about the fear of public speaking and the second being about quitting my job.
  • The first year proved to be difficult with only 1000 subscribers and trying to find his niche, his videos were based on budget travelling, unique destinations, and travelling tips.
  • In 2018, he began his short documentaries and strict vlogging style.
  • Despite not having studied videography or filming, Joe educated himself on video editing techniques through YouTube tutorials.
  • Joe has done collaborations with other YouTubers, interviewed nearly all Guinness World Records holders and reached people in all different areas of the world.
  • Joe has worked with the big names and international brands around the globe including Samsung, Emirates, Facebook, Fortnite, Sony and more.
  • In 2021, he signed with ITP Live which is the leading influencer marketing agency in the UAE.
  • Joe has become of their exclusive influencers working continuously on creative campaigns and partnering with brands across the world.
  • In 2021, Joe Hattab received a new Saint Kitts and Nevis passport allowing him to travel to over 157 countries.
Joe HaTab
Joe HaTab

Top 5 Videos of Joe HaTab

2019The most dangerous game city in the world35 Million
2017Hottest & most dangerous indomie challenge26 Million
2021Giants of Egypt – The largest in the world24 Million
2018The fiercest and most dangerous animals18 Million
2019The poisonous and deadly Fugu fish13 Million


Social Media

Social MediaCountsProfiles
Facebook6.0 MillionLink
Instagram2.8 MillionLink
Twitter170K FollowersLink
SnapchatScan To AddLink
Youtube10.5 MillionLink


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