Ameni Esseibi Biography

Ameni Esseibi Biography
Real NameAmeni Esseibi
BirthplaceTunis, Tunisia
Height5′ 3” or 161cm
University American University, Dubai
Year Active2017 – Present

Ameni Esseibi is the Arab world’s first plus-size model. Esseibi calls herself ”the first curvy model in the Middle East”. She is of French-Tunisian descent and never ever thought about modeling when she was growing up. Ameni Esseibi is one of the only plus-size models in the Arab world and has lived in Dubai for the past 15 years.

More about Ameni Esseibi

  • In the summer of 2017, when she was in Tunis, the idea of modeling first occurred to me.
  • People are very insecure about bigger sizes in this part of the world but she remained confident by not focusing on other peoples’ opinions.
  • There is a very judgemental environment in the Arab world but she wanted to change that, to show how gorgeous any woman can be.
  • Ameni also had interned for Dior’s PR department, worked for jewelry designer Nadine Kanso and discovered a passion for make-up, skincare, and fashion.
  • Upon returning to Dubai in September 2017, Esseibi set out to carve a career in modeling for herself, setting up meetings with leading agencies across the city.
  • Esseibi visited more than seven major agencies, and most said that there was no market for plus-size modeling.
  • In between her father wanted her to put her idea on hold and do to the university but she did;t want to wait.
  • After that, she began by messaging photographers that she would come across on social media and started posting pictures on Instagram and tagging the agencies.
  • Three months ago, Esseibi finally signed on with three local modeling agencies Wilhelmina Dubai, Bareface, and MA Models, and the jobs have been rolling in ever since.
Ameni Esseibi


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